Programs for Large Spaces

old-time-windsMozart and More

The rich sonority of ten winds is perfect for large halls and outdoor concerts! Here’s a representative program:

  • JOSEF TRIEBENSEE: Echostücke
    A contemporary of Mozart (and oboist in premieres of some of his operas) makes delightful use of an “echo” effect in this charming piece for two wind quartets, one onstage, one off.
  • ARTHUR BIRD: Suite in D (1889)
    Romanticism at its glorious best in this American work for double quintet.
  • WILLIAM BYRD: The Earle of Oxford’s Marche (from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
       Our virtuoso version of this classic was arranged for wind sextet by Winds’ bassoonist and composer-in-residence, R. James Whipple.
  • ERNST TOCH: Geographical Fugue
    Audiences love the fascinating percussive effects in this spoken-word piece in fugue form!
  • W.A. MOZART: Serenade #12 in c minor, K. 388
    Mozart’s masterpiece for wind octet.

Beethoven and Beyond

Beethoven’s spirited Octet provides a virtuosic finale to a wonderfully varied program that includes a sampler from Handel’s Water Music, a Romantic work by Gounod or Gouvy, and two striking contemporary works: Nancy Galbraith’s Dos Danzas Latinas, written for Sinfonietta Ventus in Mexico City, and R. James Whipple’s Lunch With Amadeus, written for the Winds and WQED-FM, Pittsburgh’s classical music radio station.

Romantic Winds/Victorian Winds

Audiences love the unabashed Romanticism in this passionate music by Gounod and Reuss, for nine or ten winds. One version of this program, designed for Victorian festivals, exclusively features music of the Victorian era (1837-1901)

Classic Winds

The “economy” version of our harmoniemusik programs, for just six musicians. Pairs of clarinets, bassoons, and horns perform festive music by Beethoven, J.C. Bach, and David Moritz Michael, a Pennsylvania composer of the early 1800s.