Selected Press Clippings – Performances:

“Expert wind players… attractive program… enjoyable.” [NEW YORK TIMES]

“Playing with excitement, musicality, and daring” [WQED-FM]

“Interesting programs with well-defined interpretations. Their variety of articulation and attention to dynamics are admirable” [THE PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE]

“An idyllic outing of music… As is a custom with the Renaissance City Winds, the program contained works that are played infrequently but deserve their time in our ears. All of the performances were stylish and unpressured… Balances were fine, the shaping expressive.” [THE PITTSBURGH PRESS]

“Sensitive and thoroughly lovely performance.” [ROANOKE TIMES & WORLD-NEWS]

“Nothing short of brilliant.” [OLEAN TIMES HERALD]


Selected Press Clippings – Recordings:

“nice timbral contrasts… the scale of this music and the breadth of the sound evoke the sweeping phrases and drama of Strauss.  These three pieces are really lovely” [AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE]

“fine security of ensemble with appealing timbre.” [MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL]

“Not the least bit ‘listener unfriendly’ but it couldn’t have been written at any other time but now. [Nancy Galbraith’s Rhythms and Rituals is] an example of the kind of piece that should be the ‘sound of classical music’ on today’s radio stations.” [CHAMBER MUSIC MAGAZINE]


Praise from Composers:

“You played my pieces the way I had always imagined them.” [MILDRED GARDNER]

“Your performance of my Three Pieces for Three Woodwinds was excellent; the best I’ve heard.” [ROBERT WASHBURN]


Our Audience Says:





“We have found this series to be extremely enjoyable; the group has a certain magic which adds to every selection. It was very exciting to meet the composers.”